TPACK revisited

In a previous posting,  the importance of the affective domain of T,P and C knowledge was raised in the currently popular TPACK model of teachers’ professional knowledge (see diagram below sourced from ).

Tpack-contextsPunya Mishra recently commented on our pre-service teachers’ ‘ideas videos’, and discussed the background to his coining of the term ‘ivideos’. He suggested these films are designed “to evoke powerful experiences about educative ideas”. We noted a high degree of emotional investment, motivation and interest in these tasks amongst our student teachers and postulate that these outcomes were a catalyst in their TPACK development. Social-cultural theories of motivation and interest (e.g, see Pressick-Kilborn and Walker, 1999) will be useful in analysing these processes in the future.

Furthermore, I recently noted two interesting ACEC 2010 papers by Prestridge and Phillips, revisiting the notion of teachers’ beliefs and their crucial role in influencing how teachers use technology in the classroom. These two papers, and the literature they draw upon, emphasise teachers’ complex, dynamic belief systems, including their (espoused and enacted) beliefs about teaching and learning and the potential role of technology in mediating the learning process.  Shifting these beliefs is fundamental to pre-service teachers’ TPACK development.

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