Mobile learning in secondary schools

The use of handheld devices such as laptops, tablets such as ipads and phablets to support learning has been a feature in the last three Horizon Reports. As mentioned briefly last year, we recently explored distinctive features of mobile learning (Kearney et al., 2012), focusing on 3 areas: collaboration, personalisation and authenticity, as described in the following screencast.

Kearney, M., Schuck, S., Burden, K., & Aubusson, P. (2012). Viewing mobile learning from a pedagogical perspectiveResearch in Learning Technology 20:


One thought on “Mobile learning in secondary schools

  1. Mathew,
    Excellent overview of mobile learning on the video and I have chosen in my Inquiry project in Doug Vass’s group Dewey group 4 to do Mobile tables used in science excursions.
    I think issues such as collaboration, authentic learning and data production and utilisation digitally is very important and cannot be done in a classroom in the same manner.
    Jim Papaefstathiou

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